Advanced Medical Aerosolization Technology

Patent Pending

The Intra-Myst™ product is designed to transform a liquid medium into a fine aerosolized mist using a specially designed delivery system and catheter. The catheter can be easily inserted into small or large spaces of the body via a trocar sleeve or introducer. The outer diameter of the Intra-Myst catheter ranges from .85mm to 2.5mm allowing easy access through micro ports. The benefits associated with liquid misting are:

  1. Complete intra-cavity surface coverage
  2. Complete intra-cavity surface coverage using a reduced fluid volume.
6-900-00 The Intra-Myst™ Controller Unit

The Intra-Myst™ Controller Unit

The Intra-Myst™ Controller allows the user to select a precise flow rate up to 4cc / min. and initiate flow function via a foot-pedal or main control panel button.
Accessories include:

  • Foot-Pedal
  • Power cord
  • High Pressure Hoses and gas bottle yoke for CO2
  • Serial Port Cable for communication with Syringe Pump
6-900-01 Intra-Myst™ Syringe Pump

The Intra-Myst™ Syringe Pump

Allows use of a 20cc disposable syringe for dispensing sterile water for humidification. Links to Intra-Myst Controller by serial port cable connection.

Accessories include:

  • Power Cord
7-510-37 Intra-Myst™ Micro Access Catheters

The Intra-Myst™ Micro Access Catheters

Introducer sleeve with safety over-pressure relief feature. Catheter connects to the 20cc syringe and to the controller unit. The curled catheter tip allows the user to control precise direction of the nebulized mist.

Sold as a Disposable for Single Patient Use.   10 / Box