A Powerful Tool for Stone Management

The AUTOLITH® URO-TOUCH BiPolar, Lithotripsy System from Northgate Technologies provides a safe, simple and convenient method of delivering BiPolar Electrohydraulic Lithotripsy (EHL).

The totally flexible BiPolar EHL probes are used endoscopically to successfully fragment stones formed in the urinary system. The device and the probes are compatible for use with urologic endoscopic access systems for the kidney, ureters and bladder. This device is a time tested tool for the physician and an essential component of any modern stone-management program.

Product Accessories

The system offers 2 disposable probe designs specifically for urologic usage. It also offers software controlled power output to further facilitate probe life and destruction of more difficult-to-treat stones.

Safe and Precise

Safe, Bipolar Design - The electrical design of the Northgate EHL probes is similar to the many proven BiPolar electrosurgical instruments in use today.  With EHL, the electrical energy generates microscopic cavitation bubbles that create the focused ‘micro-shockwaves’ immediately beyond the probe tip.  This shockwave energy is highly effective at fragmenting the hard surface of a stone.

Proven System - As the global leader in the manufacturing and distribution of EHL equipment, Northgate Technologies has worked to create an optimized, safe and effective product that has withstood the test of time. Northgate has multi-generation AUTOLITH® Systems in place all over the globe for both biliary and urologic stone treatment applications. *Compared to other treatment modalities used for the past 20 years, Northgate EHL products remain one of the safest forms of lithotripsy technology available today.

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Precise, Reliable, Directed Energy - The tip of the 1.9 Fr / 680µ BiPolar probe for the ureter is wrapped with a protectant stainless steel sheath. This helps to contain potential tip degradation, breakage and “burn-back” from occurring, a common problem seen with laser fibers. This specially designed tip also helps to maintain a consistent zone of energy at a point directly in front of the stone, reducing lateral pressures that could potentially affect surrounding tissues.  The tip edges are also “chamfered”. This helps to reduce “binding” when passing through the delicate working channels of flexible scopes.

Simple and Convenient

Selectable Modes of Operation - The AUTOLITH® Uro-Touch System allows the user selectable ranges for both the probe power output as well as the number of pulses delivered.  The physician will tend to start at a low power setting with a minimum number of delivered pulses.  The physician can then work up towards higher power levels and more numerous pulse firings, if desired.  Please see the AUTOLITH® System “Quick Reference Guide” for simple user instructions.

Touch Screen Control – User preferences, multilingual choices, probe usage alerts and all other functions are easily controlled by a simple touch of the finger. No longer is the user limited to what was available on a two dimensional flat surface control panel. The Touch Screen feature adds a whole new, extra dimension to user choices and control.

Various Probe Lengths - AUTOLITH® Uro-Touch System also offers different probe designs with varying lengths.  The 1.9Fr. / .68mm x 120 cm probe was developed for treating stones in the kidney and ureters. The 9Fr / 3.0mm x 54cm probe is for stones in the urinary bladder.

Designed For Use with Endo-Urologic Visualization Systems - Compatible with flexible and rigid uro-endoscopes, the AUTOLITH® Uro-Touch System probe tips are smooth, reinforced and kink resistant to assist with passing easily through all size working channels.

Portable and FAST – The system can be easily hand carried and set up on most any mobile cart at a moment’s notice. Plug in and go.


Economical - EHL technology is one of the most affordable methods of stone management available.

Inexpensive Generator and Probes - AUTOLITH® Uro-Touch Systems are available at costs below $20,000, representing savings of over 60% as compared to most laser devices with similar efficacy.  Individual disposable EHL probes are also less expensive than most comparable laser probes.

Maintenance Free - Expensive annual service contracts that are typical when using a laser lithotripter are not required. The AUTOLITH® Uro-Touch device is durable and essentially maintenance free, only requiring a manufacturer’s calibration check after 250,000 pulse firings (typically 5+ years of service).

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